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Live to create. Run to be free. Move to connect.

Nice designs clothes to reflect different moods and energy. It also uses a selection of traditional and modern elements. Our fabric is 100% handmade and ethically sourced from Southeast Asia, supporting locals and their crafts. 

Being so much in love with the ocean, we’ve found peace in exploring beautiful beaches, not only to be met by beautiful, soul calming waters but also beautiful villagers. Nice believes in movement and freedom. Through art, we live to create, through rediscovering we run to be free, and through self-love, we move to connect.

Swayed by movement, music, and adventure, Nice aspires to design modern wear suited for those who live to move. We are also an eco-friendly brand and have dedicated our R&D towards sustainable production.


The ground series of fabric is made of natural dye on block stamps. It’s a sustainable production that focuses on preserving energy. Block stamps making helps to create cultural prints with modern details. The lifestyle and daily activities of the villagers also inspire the use of natural resources which enable us to connect closely to nature which means it is safe and eco-friendly.

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