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This series symbolises the different shades of nature.
It features the richness of natural resources and its simplicity.
Our Dune and Shore pantsuits weaves some sand vibes into the design. 
Meanwhile, our Cotton Candy midi dress pays tribute to the

dreamy, blush pink clouds set against the sunset.

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Balik Asal is our very first raya collection. Inspired by the traditional Javanese women during the

olden days. More than half of the Singapore communities are origins of Java. It has mostly adopted the

style of long kebaya labuh.


Bringing back the  nostalgic era of the kampung days with the introduction of our Pachitan series.

The Pacitan community came from a group of immigrants from pacitan city, East Java of Singapore.  Kampung Pachitan was then created.  It formed  the malay village together with kampung Eunos and kampung Kembangan.


Inspired by what life used to be in Jalan Ampas, the Ampas collection remembers studio Shaw that used to be bustling with our seniman and seniwati. We pay tribute to our heritage through our craftmanship.

Let’s celebrate love and the art known as seni. Here’s our Seni and warisan kurung kebaya.

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The Ground Series

Our first collection by Nice called, the Ground series, is inspired by the beautiful sunsets in Indonesia. The irregular colors which change from time to time, as it sets the last rays of the day create its own unique serenity. Indonesia is also known for its strong cultural ethnicity, their daily batik wear inspires this series collection. They remind us how beautiful it is to be grounded by nature. Even the simplest things in life can be the most inspirational.

All fabrics from this series are purely handmade. From block making to pattern making to hand sewing.

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